Less Save The Planet

The LOW & SLOW experience

Take a break to relearn how to eat. Gourmets are invited to reconnect with the food on offer. The meal must once again be a celebration of the present moment with what the planet offers us. We offer Low & Slow meditation, a slow and stress-free tasting at the heart of our well-being. This total immersion of your senses allows you to put your thought flow at low frequency and to free yourself from everyday life. Before saving the planet, we must save ourselves. Every environmental approach must be accompanied by kindness and compassion.


Turn off or mute your phone and drop it in a basket on the table.


Preferably share the same dishes as other guests at your table to avoid food waste.


Focus first on the visual aspect of the plate,
the print food.


Quietly take full advantage of the first three consecutive bites by closing your eyes and without drinking. Take a break between bites and enjoy. Focus on the smells, textures, tastes, backgrounds and memories.


Who is starting to share? Designate a person at the table to start and communicate each in turn, your feeling of the present moment.


Replicate the experience for the starter, main course and dessert.

The benefits…

Reducing stress, anxiety and the risk of overweight are all benefits of Low & Slow for your health!
This process, from step 1 to 4, allows you a mental retreat from the outside that considerably reduces the flow of thoughts that invade you from morning to night. On the other hand, step 5, talking about a single subject that allows «extreme focus», will bring you closer to each other because you will be on the same wavelength.

Taking your time to eat in a calm and serene environment can only increase your affection and kindness for those who share this moment with you. An explanatory video is available on our Youtube channel.